Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Run-Down

Wise Owls

I had a very long work-week last week...7 days in a row, to be exact! So I was terribly excited to have a nice weekend. It was sunny and warm-ish both Saturday and Sunday...I don't remember too many other weekends in late November when I've been able to wander about in a dress, light-weight cardigan, tights, and boots without freezing my behind off! So that was nice. In addition to enjoying the weather, this weekend I:

*hauled around 3 cameras (two Polas and a digital) but didn't take a single photo outside the home
*met, with my husband, two of our friends for a lovely brunch
*took a vintage dress to the seamstress to be hemmed from ankle length to knee
*went to four estate sales and purchased several small lovely things for the vintage shop
*went to our local Japanese food market to stock up on my favorite thing ever, liliko'i (passion fruit) juice
*experimented with a new photo style for items listed in the vintage shop
*didn't cook even once
*decided I loved a set of two mini vintage owl figurines (seen above) far too much to sell them and let my husband talk me into keeping them (not that it was too hard to do!)
*rocked out to "Safety Dance" in the car
*wore cowboy boots one day and motorcycle harness boots the other
*dyed my hair, with my husband's kind assistance
*fell asleep watching cartoons on the couch with my husband and my kitty

Not bad for just two days, eh?

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