Monday, November 16, 2009

A Gift Guide

I love the Gift Guide section on Etsy. It's so fun to browse through the items, many of which are related to each other only by the vaguest of themes, and see how they all fit together. (It's also a great way to find new shops!)

I decided to play a little game with our shop. None of our items are in the Gift Guides right now (which I know because of the lovely and terribly useful Gift Guide Search on Craftopolis), but I think a lot of them would slot nicely into place in some of the themes currently being showcased.

So, here's OUR Gift Guide, inspired by Etsy's!

For the Holiday Fashion Guide, how about this lovely green enamel brooch? It reminds me of a poinsettia and would look smashing pinned to your warm cashmere cardigan or the bust of your red dress!

For The Person Who Has Everything....I bet they don't have a creamer/sugar/salt/pepper set, shaped like a pair of grumpy owls!

When buying for The Fashionista, why not consider a lovely pocket watch pendant necklace? They've been all over the style blogs and the shops lately, but this one is the genuine vintage article, not a repro!

Any Home Chef is sure to need a big collection of trivets for their hot dishes. These cast iron elephant trivets will certainly add some personality to the cooking experience!

Got a Girlie Girl on your gift list this year? She's guaranteed to love this delicate pastel pink brooch!

And last but certainly not least...know any Gardeners, windowsill or otherwise? Then you know that one thing gardeners always need are planters! We have a wide variety of those on offer, but might I suggest this bright yellow Haeger planter? The holes provided to convert it into a hanging planter make it versatile and the color makes it cheerful!


  1. I really am enamored with anything in bright yellow right now -- it seems like everyone should have a little something in this color!