Thursday, March 11, 2010

So true!

"I'd Rather Be Thrifting" by Ashley G

I love this print! It's so true, haha! Too bad I have so little space on my walls; there are so many fantastic prints on Etsy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shop Update!

We've got some lovely new items in our vintage shop! I actually wish I could keep all of them! (Though the adorable wooden chicken bowl is my favorite, I must admit, though I also love the distressed wooden candle holder!) We spent a couple of days poking around in the deepest, darkest corners of the antique shops and thrift stores to come up with these treasures, and time like that is never time wasted, in my ever-humble opinion! Enjoy!

(Clicky on the pics to go to the Etsy listings!)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Small Shop Update

Well, I've discovered we're almost out of unposted items for the shop! You know what that means, right? Yes, that's's THRIFTING TIME!!

But in the meantime, I did post five lovely items yesterday! Check 'em out!

Beautiful vintage pocket watch
(Really, you have to see the back of this watch! Gorgeous!)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spending Hiatus + Etsy = Unbearable Temptation!

Okay, so I've been spending way too much money lately, and have put myself on an unofficial spending hiatus. Only, gasoline, utility bills, etc...are allowed to be purchased while I get my bank accounts back into shape.

Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time "window shopping" on Etsy.

This is not a good combination!

Today, for example, I just spent a little bit of time searching for vintage sewing/embroidery tools on Etsy. (To go with my new hobby, of course!) And what did I find, but three of the most perfect vintage items...items that long to be in my hot little hands, I'm sure of it. They're all vintage, all sewing-related, and all have owls on 'em! (I also love owls.)

I mean, would you just LOOK at these fantastic things?!

Vintage Owl Scissor and Push Pin Duo
from The Vintage Treehouse

Okay, so this is the best thing ever. It's a pair of sewing scissors and a pin cushion...shaped like an owl! The finger holes in the scissors are the owl's eyes! :-O

White Owl Pin Cushion
from Definitely Different

And SPEAKING of pin cushions, look at this beauty! If you put it on a shelf and turned it just right, it would look like a nothing more or less than a decorative owl statue. Yet you turn it around, and it's functional as well! I love it when functional things are beautiful as well.

And, okay, so I don't usually actually USE a thimble while I'm embroidering, but for this little fellow, I might have to make an exception! Precious, mais non??

Hmm....I'm starting to think that in addition to my spending hiatus, I might have to declare an ETSY hiatus as well! :-O

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shop Update!

Well, peeps, it's been a while since I've posted a shop update here! But we've been selling like crazy all of a sudden and our listings were getting low, so I figured it was time to throw some new items up there!

We've got some great stuff, I think! Here's a wee taste:

Vintage style with a modern twist-- Ab Fab mugs!

Aren't these mugs from McCheek's Mayhem...well...exactly what they claim to be...absolutely fabulous? They are cast from a plaster mold the seller created from a vintage mug...and I'm sure I know almost exactly what that original mug looked like, too! I know the style...tres 1970s. The original was probably avocado green, harvest gold, yellowy-brown, or orange, and had the word "JAPAN" stamped on the bottom but no other maker mark...just like these or these from our vintage shop, in other words!

With this updated version, though, you get the funky style and the stacking ability with the modern twist of cheeky typography and chopped-up florals.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Beauregard!

Okay, I love photography. No surprise there. I also love vintage cameras. Also, not a surprise. So it should definitely not be a surprise that I finally broke down and bought an SX-70 camera. I shelled out a bit more to get a reconditioned SX-70 with sonar from Polapremium, reasoning that it's worth it to pay more and know you're getting a camera that actually works and that has a year-long warranty. I mean, I've seen similar SX-70s for between $65 and $130, with no guarantees offered that they'll actually work! And this one's been reconditioned by experts, and also came with a CD with digitized versions of original manuals, etc. So it seemed like a good investment to me!

So, here's my new baby! I've named him Beauregard, and I can't wait to take him out to play!

My New Friend

Monday, January 4, 2010

Vintage Finds

My recent most favorite vintage finds are actually both things OTHER people found, but gave to me as gifts! There's nothing like the thrill of digging through a pile of junk and coming up with treasure, of course, but gifts are wonderful in their own special way, because a well-chosen gift really tells you how well the giver knows you and how important you are to them! At least, that's how I feel, ha!

So the first wonderful find is this fantastic old camera magazine put out by Eastman Kodak in the early days of film photography. It's called "Kodakery" and this issue dates to December of 1924. My father found it and gave it to me for Christmas this year. It's really quite fascinating! I read through all of the articles and a lot of the advice given still has relevance today, being more about composition and photo ideas than about film speed and processing chemicals, or anything like that.


Perhaps one of my favorite things about it was seeing how some of the language has changed. The book often refers to "Camerists" instead of "Photographers" and the photo captions refer to being "made with" particular cameras rather than "taken with" them. I'm quite taken with the word "camerist" actually. I like that!

And the second find is a wonderful wee squirrel to add to my collection, discovered and purchased most sneakily by my partner in crime, my husband! Apparently, he found it while we were out antiquing together. I was a few booths behind him and he managed to not only pay for it but get it out to the car without my noticing his absence. He's a gifting ninja!!

Little Squirrel

My grandmother has a squirrel like this hanging on the wall in her kitchen....bigger, though. At an antique mall years ago, I found one just like hers. Since then, I've started collecting them in both the small and large size, and in both brown and grey, whenever I find them.

What have you found (or been given!) recently that you love? I always love seeing the things people collect and hearing about why they love what they love!