Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Beauregard!

Okay, I love photography. No surprise there. I also love vintage cameras. Also, not a surprise. So it should definitely not be a surprise that I finally broke down and bought an SX-70 camera. I shelled out a bit more to get a reconditioned SX-70 with sonar from Polapremium, reasoning that it's worth it to pay more and know you're getting a camera that actually works and that has a year-long warranty. I mean, I've seen similar SX-70s for between $65 and $130, with no guarantees offered that they'll actually work! And this one's been reconditioned by experts, and also came with a CD with digitized versions of original manuals, etc. So it seemed like a good investment to me!

So, here's my new baby! I've named him Beauregard, and I can't wait to take him out to play!

My New Friend

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