Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spending Hiatus + Etsy = Unbearable Temptation!

Okay, so I've been spending way too much money lately, and have put myself on an unofficial spending hiatus. Only, gasoline, utility bills, etc...are allowed to be purchased while I get my bank accounts back into shape.

Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time "window shopping" on Etsy.

This is not a good combination!

Today, for example, I just spent a little bit of time searching for vintage sewing/embroidery tools on Etsy. (To go with my new hobby, of course!) And what did I find, but three of the most perfect vintage items...items that long to be in my hot little hands, I'm sure of it. They're all vintage, all sewing-related, and all have owls on 'em! (I also love owls.)

I mean, would you just LOOK at these fantastic things?!

Vintage Owl Scissor and Push Pin Duo
from The Vintage Treehouse

Okay, so this is the best thing ever. It's a pair of sewing scissors and a pin cushion...shaped like an owl! The finger holes in the scissors are the owl's eyes! :-O

White Owl Pin Cushion
from Definitely Different

And SPEAKING of pin cushions, look at this beauty! If you put it on a shelf and turned it just right, it would look like a nothing more or less than a decorative owl statue. Yet you turn it around, and it's functional as well! I love it when functional things are beautiful as well.

And, okay, so I don't usually actually USE a thimble while I'm embroidering, but for this little fellow, I might have to make an exception! Precious, mais non??

Hmm....I'm starting to think that in addition to my spending hiatus, I might have to declare an ETSY hiatus as well! :-O

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