Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Repurposed -- The Mighty Mason Jar!

I love mason jars. I know I'm not alone, here. I don't personally have the time or the kitchen space to actually use mason jars to can preserves, so I don't buy them at antique stores/thrift shops...but I always eye 'em! I especially like the type with the slight blue tint to the glass.

Well, now, thanks to ModCloth's ModLife blog (and Martha Stewart for the original idea and photography) I now have a valid reason to actually purchase some vintage mason jars! I love this DIY idea for making snow globes out of mason jars and vintage Christmas/holiday themed knick-knacks!

(Image Source:

And, like the best DIY projects, it's simple, too! Basically, you just rough up the inside of the lid a bit and then use epoxy to attach your holiday figurine. Fill the jar with water, sparkly glitter, and a dash of glycerin to thicken it all up. Once the epoxy has dried, screw the lid back on and flip it over! Done! Homemade cheer! How fun!! Now all I need to do is run to the antique store for some old, mismatched holiday figurines and other knickknacks...and the jars, of course!

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