Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Style Icon -- Rizzo

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity...! Okay, so we all know that little Miss Sunshine Sandy was the Nice Girl...but it was the dark-haired vixen Rizzo who really knew how to have fun! That short haircut, those red lips...the tight pencil skirts, high heels, pedal pushers, big dark glasses, and of course, the iconic Pink Ladies jacket...yeah, Rizzo was a gal who exuded sexy sizzle! But there was definitely a heart under all that attitude, too. She's the gal we all want to be like...or be liked by, at least! Luckily for us, the popularity of 50s style and rockabilly makes it easy to take some fashion hints from this vintage icon!

First thing's first...the perfect black pencil skirt!I thought this black leather number from SiftedVintage would make Miss Rizzo's heart skip a beat:

Then we need a sexy little black blouse to be tucked into the skirt. This embroidered blouse from FindMeVintage would work nicely!

Every 50s bombshell needs a kickin' pair of heels! I think that these red snakeskin heels from fancypantsvintage fit the bill! Pure sizzle!

Top things off with a big pair of over-the-top, over-sized sunglasses like this pair from BowTieVintage.

And that just guessed it! The Pink Ladies jacket! This one gave me a bit more trouble...but I finally decided that this pink Members Only jacket from BelovedLight would have to fit the bill. Not quite the right era, but a lot of 80s fashion was directly inspired by 50s styles, so I'm calling it close enough!

And that's just for a casual look! Who could forget Rizzo's smokin' prom night look? If fancy dress is more your bag, I'd suggest this sexy pink cocktail dress from TimelessVixenVintage and these bright lights heels from DearGoldenVintage!

And there we have it! 1950s bad-girl style that wouldn't be out of place walking down a modern city street! Pencil skirts and heels never go out of style, nor should they! Nothing makes a lady feel more sexy than a skirt that hugs her curves and heels that make her legs a hundred miles long!

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  1. so cool! i love rizzo...i played her in high school when we did Grease! thank you for featuring my shoes!